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Counter Measure Operations

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Since 2000 

Q: Where is the company office located?

A:380 Racetrack Road McDonough, GA 30228 (Towne Village Center)

Q: What services does CMO offer?

A:We offer various security and protection services: security guard patrol & observation, crime deterrence, transport security, customer service, access control, etc.

private investigations services: undercover surveillance, personal escort protection/bodyguard, background checks and pre-employment screening, etc.

and special operations: anti-terrorism protocol,  risk & emergency management, natural disaster/incident security recovery, etc.

( We also have a subsidiary school; the Defensive Security Training Academy, where we conduct security, detective, firearm, and non-lethal weapon training courses. Our courses meet the state requirements for the Georgia Board of Private Detective Agencies 

Q: What is the size of the companies’ personnel?

A: We currently have 20+ security employees, 4 in-house Private Investigators,  plus administrative staff.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A:Yes, Counter Measure Operations License numbers are PDC001910; PSC002007 and can be verified on the State of Georgia Professional Licensing page: http://verify.sos.ga.gov/websites/verification/

CMO agency is also licensed in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi to conduct services, and are allowed in additional states for lethal and non-lethal weapon carry for defensive protection of clientele their premises and assets.

CMO possess liability insurance and transport insurance.

Defensive Security Training Academy


Q: What firearms training does your Academy teach?

A:  Our Academy’s staff are trained and permitted to use and instruct on the following firearms; AR-15 Rifle, AK-47 and 74 Rifles, pump Semi-Automatic Shot Guns, PS 90, MP 5, 380, 9mm Caliber, 40, .45 Caliber, .38, 357 Mag, 380, PS90 Sub-Machine Gun, and MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun.

Security & PI professionals are only allowed to carry: 380, 9mm, 40, 45, .38, and 357 magnum. 


Employee Registration aka “Blue Card” License:

Q: How do I get my security /or /private detective License after I complete your training certification class?

A: Simply find employment with a licensed company. Then you along with your employer must fill-out the Employee Registration Application and the employer must submit your application to the Board.

For many companies, already having your training credentials is what you need to get the job. There are also companies who hire first, and send you to training upon employment.

- Please Be Advised: You cannot apply for your “blue card” license personally, the application has to be submitted by a licensed company/agency employer on your behalf.

Applicants have 180 days to find employment and apply for their license after receiving their training Certifications. After that time frame firearm re-training may be required.


Multiple Licenses:

A: No, a new “blue card” license is required for each company you work for as an armed security guard or PI.

For example, If you are currently working and are licensed with company-1, and get a new part-time job with company-2, you and this new employer must fill out another license application and submit it to the Board to be licensed under company-2 as well.


Job Assistance:

Q: Does DSTA help provide jobs after I take the training class?

A: No, DSTA does not provide job assistance and cannot make any guarantee on an individual receiving a job with a licensed employer. We do however give recommendations and referrals if we know of any companies hiring.


Instructor’s Company License:

Q: Do you have Licensed Instructors?

A: YES, all of our Instructors are licensed in Classroom Instruction and Firearms Training Instruction

Our license numbers are CFTR001062; CFTR001175; CFTR001172; these can be verified on the Georgia’s Secretary of State Professional Licensing page: http://verify.sos.ga.gov/websites/verification/

Licensed Firearms Instructor for the states of FL and MS

[FL]  K1300099 – https://licensing.freshfromflorida.com/access/individual.aspx 

[MS] Statewide Instructor G. Smith - http://www.dps.state.ms.us/firearms/firearms-permit-unit/enhanced-permit-certified-firearms-instructors/

Defensive Security Training Academy also has licensed TASER, Glock, NRA, and ASP Instructors.